ADManager Plus

액티브 디렉토리 관리 & 보고 소프트웨어

ADManager Plus는 윈도우 액티브 디렉토리의 관리와 보고를 간소화합니다.
  • AD 작업에 필요한 시간 최소화
  • 헬프데스크를 위한 루틴 작업의 위임 용이
  • AD 사용자와 오브젝트의 종합적인 보고
성공 사례
"우리는 여러 다른 액티브 디렉토리 관리와 보고 소프트웨어와 함께 ADManager Plus를 평가했습니다. ADManager Plus를 사용한 후 실제로 관리자는 편하게 생활하고 있습니다. ADManager Plus는 매우 이해하기 쉽고 빠르게 배울 수 있습니다."
-Bogdan Campeanu, 네트워크 엔지니어 » 더 보기
Active Directory Computer Reports

The Active Directory Computer Reports provides the administrators a complete insight of the computer objects in the domains.

ADManager Plus provides the following computer-based reports:

Inactive Computers

Provides the list of inactive computers in the domain for a specified period.

The lastLogonDate is used to calculate the number of days since the last successful authentication. All the Domain Controllers are scanned to ensure accuracy of the data. Learn how to Delete, disable, move and enable inactive computers

Active Directory Inactive Computer Report  

Disabled Computers

Provides the list of computer objects that are disabled by the administrator. The userAccountControl attribute is used to determine the disabled computers in the domain.

Domain Controllers

Report to view the list of Domain Controllers of the domain.


Report to view the workstations of the domain.

Computers Trusted for Delegation

Report to view the computer objects in the domain that are trusted for delegation. This means that the services running under the Local System account of those computers that are trusted for delegation can impersonate its clients to gain access to resources on other computers.

  Disabled Computers Report

OS Based Report

Report to view the computer objects based on its operating system.

Recently Modified Computers

Report to view the list of computer objects that have been modified in the past n days.
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Other features
Reset Password

Active Directory Reset Password
Resetting expired, forgotten or compromised passwords is a everyday work for Administrators. ADManager Plus has an in-built dedicated feature aimed at reducing this manual work

Modify Terminal Services Attributes

Active Directory Terminal Services
Microsoft Terminal Services allows IT departments to bring their applications to a single server for use by users anywhere in the world. ADManager Plus facilitates the bulk modification of these terminal services attributes from one single place.

Clean up your Active Directory

Cleanup your Active Directory by Removing unused user accounts
Over time, user and computer accounts become obsolete and needs elimination. ADManager Plus helps you to trace out all inactive, disabled, account-expired users and computers in Active Directory.

Help Desk Delegation

Give restricted access to help desk and IT staff to manage AD users and objects
The administrator can create a login for the HR personnel with the permission to create new users in the Active Directory. The HR personnel can login and access only the delegated task of creating new users

Help Desk Delegation

Active Directory bulk user modification
ADManager Plus allows bulk modification of user attributes, including the Exchange and Terminal Services attributes. Common modifications, such as resetting password, changing the display name, creating mailbox, moving users between OUs.

Active Directory Management & Reporting