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Database Query Monitor

Database Query Monitor

Applications Manager provides out-of-the-box support for availability and performance monitoring of databases through Database Monitoring. However, in a business enterprise, which encompases a wide range of applications and databases, failure in terms of availability or performance would mean not just loss of revenue but also lowering customer satisfaction. In such business applications, availability of specific business metrics becomes critical. Database Query Monitor is primarily used to monitor such specific business metric(s).

Monitoring Business Metrics

Making informed decisions can happen only if all available data is at hand. In order to obtain this data, the user must therefore ensure that those metrics which are critical to making business decisions are available in an instance, 24x7. These metrics are generally stored in various databases. Using Database Query Monitor, the user can monitor these metrics continuously and readily avail the data as and when required. As it is query-based monitoring, it provides a lot more flexibility while monitoring these metrics.

Additional Performance Metrics

Applications Manager Database Monitoring provides a comprehensive and in-depth monitoring of availability and performance of various types of databases. In addition, Applications Manager Database Query Monitor allows the user to monitor additional performance metrics which maybe be needed from time to time to ensure full time availability of critical business applications.

Performance of a Query

Let us assume that in an enterprise, one of the network is experiencing a performance issue. The bottleneck can arise either because there is a problem with the application(s) or one of the database(s). Using Database Query monitor, user can execute a given set of queries and analyze the result. Based on which the user can deduce whether the problem exists with one of the database(s). The result includes the execution time (time taken by the query to generate the result). If the execution time is above a certain pre-assigned threshold value, then the user can deduce the issue is with the database.

Applications Manager also provides the ability to compare various business metric in the output by attribute types.

Applications Manager Database Query Monitor allows user to monitor specific business metrics, generate alert and execute an action when it is down and generate reports on its availability in a single web console. This allows greater flexibility and eases day-to-day operations for the user.

The Database Query monitor supports the queries of following databases:

  • My SQL
  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • MS SQL
  • Sybase
  • Postgres

For more information, refer Database Query Monitoring Online Help

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