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FTP Monitoring - SFTP Monitoring

Monitoring FTP, SFTP Service

Monitoring FTP, SFTP Service
Applications Manager provides in-depth availability and performance monitoring of FTP, SFTP services. As many organizations utilize FTP, SFTP functions to upload and download files from and to server, it becomes critical that these services are up and running all the time. Any downtime in these services could result in corrupted file being uploaded/download which can affect customer end-user performance.

The FTP, SFTP monitor ensures availability through automated event escalation via email, SMS etc. and helps taking corrective action by executing user scripts that can help, restart a service etc.

FTP, SFTP Monitoring Capabilities

Some of the key components that are monitored in FTP, SFTP service:

Connection Time The connection time is the time by Applications Manager to connect to FTP, SFTP service.
Login Time Time taken by Applications Manager to connect to FTP, SFTP service. Any delay would indicate that the service is facing performance related issues.
File Transfer Displays the time taken for a file to upload (mput) / download (mget) from a FTP server. This allows user to identify and troubleshoot any performance related issues.
File Transfer Speed Displays the speed at which these files are transferred from (mget) and to (mput) the FTP server. Any slowdown is a clear indication of performance related issue. The user can then take necessary steps to rectify the issue.
Full Transaction Displays the time taken of files that are downloaded (mget) or uploaded (mput) completely. You can also configure alarms for this metric and any breach of threshold will indicate lag in performance and allows user to take corrective measures.
Files & Directory This corresponds to the list of files/directories present in FTP, SFTP service. Any change in value will result in an alarm being generated which informs the user of the change. This metric is particular useful to ensure if there files are properly uploaded/downloaded and prevent any file being corrupted.
  • Monitors performance statistics such as availability and response time.
  • Based on the thresholds configured, notifications and alarms are generated if the FTP, SFTP services or any specified attribute within the system has problems. Actions are executed automatically based on configurations.
  • Performance graphs and reports are available instantly. Reports can be grouped and displayed based on availability and health.

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