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Application Performance Management & Monitoring

ManageEngine® Applications Manager helps you monitor application performance and helps ensure mission critical business applications meet end user expectation.

The Application Performance Monitoring capability helps IT Adminstrators to monitor over 100 critical parameters such as response time, resource availability, CPU Utilization, database connection time etc. It empowers an IT Administrator to troubleshoot performance issues quickly, in addition to providing a Business Centric View to IT Management.

Server Management is Not Enough. You Need to Monitor All Tiers of Your Application for effective application performance troubleshooting. Traditional Network or Server Monitoring Tools cover only one technology silo. However, you need to monitor all tiers of your business application to speed up troubleshooting application performance issues.

ManageEngine Applications Manager provides out of the box support for Application Servers, Databases, Servers, Network Services and Custom Applications.

The below are the list of J2EE or JEE Application Servers and Microsoft Applications supported by ManageEngine Applications Manager.

Application Server Performance Monitoring & Management Capability:

Database Server Performance Monitoring & Management Capability:

The Application Performance Monitoring capability is complemented by the ability to monitor business metrics using the Custom Application Monitoring capability. Additionally IT Administrators can perform Systems Management, Middleware/Portal Monitoring and monitor Network Services .

To view a full list of features of Applications Manager, take a look at the features page.

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Greg Luck, an Applications Manager user has covered JMX monitoring functionalities of the product in his blog.Have a look at Greg Luck's WebLog.These kind of blogs .. really pep us up! Thanks Greg ..... read full blog

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