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SAP Performance Management 

Questions to ponder

  • Want to know how your SAP Service is performing?
  • Do you want to drill down to the root cause of the bottleneck in your SAP service?
  • Do you need a trend analysis report for capacity planning?

The solution we offer is ManageEngine® Applications Manager.

SAP Monitoring

ManageEngine® Applications Manager's SAP monitor enables you to the reap the benefits of having deployed SAP in your environment. The availability and performance of your complex SAP environment can be easily monitored from a centralized web console. Managing SAP becomes a relatively easy job.

SAP architecture by itself comes packed with multiple tiers of applications, managing a SAP Service naturally becomes challenging. Proactive monitoring helps in quickly identifying the source of the problem from among the multiple tiers thereby maximizing SAP Server uptime.

SAP Monitoring

SAP Management

SAP monitor uses the SAP CCMS (Computer Center Management System) architecture to give insightful information about the SAP system. Critical metrics are available in real-time.

  • Background Processing - Monitor the status of Background processing in SAP System
  • Buffer - Monitor the utilization of SAP Buffer, and its hit and swap rates
  • Enqueue - Monitor the values of SAP Enqueue service
  • Operating System - Monitor the Operation System data
  • Spool - Monitor the utilization of Spool system
  • Dialog - Monitor the values of SAP Dialog system

Also you can view the SAP system errors comprising of ABAP dumps, Aborted Jobs, Update errors and any other Syslog errors. Ability to manage the generated SAP Alerts is also provided. The SAP alerts can be completed from the Application Manager web console.

The entire SAP Service setup including the Servers, Databases and other applications can be monitored using Applications Manager.

Server Monitoring: Involves monitoring the availability and performance of Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP Unix and many such servers. The important metrics that can be monitored are server load, disk utilization, memory utilization, Disk I/O stats, server CPU utilization etc.

Database Monitoring: Monitors availability and performance of database servers like Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL and MySQL. You can track the database size, buffer cache size, database connection time etc.

SAP Monitoring

Working of SAP Monitor

  • Configure thresholds for the real time values
  • Define EMail, SMS actions that need to be taken when thresholds cross the defined values
  • Root cause analysis by correlating between different metrics
  • Reports to track the performance for a period of time.



SAP Monitoring

Applications Manager allows you to monitor the performance of vairous SAP components like SAP Business Intelligence (BI), SAP Customer Relation Manager (CRM), SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) etc using CCMS through Applications Manager web console. It also allows the user to configure alerts and generate reports for various attributes in these components.

Applications Manager monitors and displays the following performance metrics of a CCMS component:

  • Connection Time
  • Performance Attributes (all numeric attributes)
  • Status Attributes
  • Log Attributes

Information Attributes and Heartbeat Attributes are currently not supported.

: SAP or SAP CCMS Monitor can be evaluated with our Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition (trial for 30 days). If you are licensed user of Applications Manager, place your request for evaluation license here. For more information on SAP CCMS monitor, refer to our online documentation on SAP CCMS Monitor.

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