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Website Monitoring : Record and Play back HTTP URLs

Is your website available 24/7 ?

  • Do you want to ensure your website is always up?
  • Do you want to make sure your shopping cart is functional ?
  • Do you want to track the performance of your web application at different times of the day?
  • Do you want to check pages behind a login page?

Using Applications Manager URL Monitoring

  • Monitor performance and availability of websites using HTTP and HTTPS requests, from end-user perspective.
  • Monitor just a single URL or a sequence of URLs.
  • Record a sequence of HTTP requests and configure it to be checked at regular intervals of time. This will hence help you ensure your website / web application is functioning properly.
  • Ability to validate dynamic web pages that pull data from databases.
  • Validate content in a web page. Ensure that specified text appears on your web page all the time.
  • Validate current page size and the percentage change in current page size to previous page size.
  • Get instant notifications when there are problems with your application such as connectivity problems, slow page load time, or content errors.
  • Generate reports to view performance of the website over a period of time.
  • Check if a particular web page has undergone change.
  • Validate the web page for specific error messages.
  • Retrieve a web page's content
ManageEngine®Applications Manager provides an On-Premise version of Website monitoring capability.
If you are interested in a hosted service, then take a look at our Hosted Website Monitoring Service -

Website monitoring involves:

URL Monitoring / Website Monitoring

Monitor the availability and performance of web pages of your web application. Applications manager checks if your website pages are accessible. When they are not accessible, notifications are sent and corrective actions can be triggered. Website performance monitoring feature checks for various attributes such as response time, etc. For example, you can add a URL, say http://mycompany/estore.jsp, for monitoring. You can set a threshold for a web page such that - if the page load time of that page is more than 5 seconds, you should be notified through an e-mail or SMS. This helps you in taking quick action before it affects end users.

When the URL Monitoring is performed, the Web page and its content is retrieved. A successful page retrieval assures you that your Web server is functioning properly. In addition to this, the URL Monitoring helps you verify that CGI scripts and back-end databases are functioning properly.

URL Sequence Monitoring

The purpose of URL Sequence is to monitor multiple web pages of an online application. It checks pages with dynamically generated information, enhancing interactive transactions such as logging into a login page, creating an account using a web form, instructing the application to perform some action, etc.

URL Sequencing starts with a specific URL such as the Login page and then followed by additional links/URL in it. The URL Sequence monitoring thus performs end-to-end verification of particular transactions.

This feature comes handy especially for e-commerce sites and sites that provides multiple forms to be filled-in by users. You can perform URL sequence monitoring to see what is returned at every step of a URL sequence. This helps in quicker troubleshooting by identifying which page in the sequence, that is typically followed by users, gives trouble.

URL Content Monitoring / Website Content Monitoring

URL Content Monitoring can be used to monitor Web pages that are generated dynamically and display statistics about custom applications. URL Content Monitoring ensures that your pages are not modified without your knowledge. This feature is useful for ensuring validity of data on database-driven web sites. If a keyword is not present on that web page, you can notify it through e-mail or SMS and take corrective actions instantly.

You can ensure that a specified text appears on your web page all the time. For example, you can check for the availability of a text, say $995, which maybe retrieved from a database. This helps you in ensuring that your database is running fine too.

Additional Website Monitoring Capabilities

  • Form Submission: Some websites, especially e-commerce and online trading sites, have various forms. URL monitoring feature can simulate form submissions and ensure they are working fine.
  • Security: Some website requires authentication to access its web pages. URL Monitoring provides options to specify the user authentication information while monitoring series of pages. For example, an online banking system requires login, and after login, there are a series of web pages involved. You can monitor the functioning of these pages right from logging in to accessing other online transactions through the URL Monitoring feature.

For information on other options in monitoring custom applications, refer to FAQ.

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