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DeviceExpert는 네트워크 장비의 구성 변경 및 관리 솔루션을 제공합니다.
  • 업무 연속성을 위해 자동화된 구성 백업
  • 실시간 구성 변경 추적 및 관리
  • 정책 / 표준 컴플라이언스를 위한 구성 검사
  • 장비 구성 작업 자동화
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"Ability to create and push network device configurations in automated fashion saves us a great deal of time. DeviceExpert is a very powerful configuration management tool."
- Kevin Spies, LightYear Network Solutions, LLC
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AntiVirus Updates 

Automate Virus Definition Update Mechanism

Anti-Virus software have become an integral part of Network Security. People who write malicious code are well aware of the Operating System lapses of your network computers. Installing an anti-Virus software on your network desktops is essentially the first step into protecting your network. However, Network Security Management does not end with just the installation of an anti-virus software. It also needs regular tracking and updating of the latest virus definitions, such as to rule out an upcoming vulnerable moment.

Anti-Virus Definition Updates

Most Anti-Virus software vendors including Symantec, Microsoft and McAfee roll out definition updates quite frequently. It therefore becomes essential for Network administrators like you to keep a constant watch of these updates so as to secure the network desktops. However with definition updates coming out every other day, most of the time it becomes tedious to accommodate the tracking and update process in your daily routine. And in case, each of your network PCs is configured to directly communicate with the download-server of the anti-virus vendor, it would definitely equate to huge bandwidth consumption, which is once again a big no-no for effective Network Management.

Updating MS Forefront Client Security Definitions using Desktop Central

For those of you running the Microsoft Client Security on your network computers, here is a bit of relief on definition updates. Desktop Central's Patch Management options help you simplify the process by automating the definition update mechanism. The Automated Patch Deployment options help you schedule the frequency at which the systems should be scanned for virus definition updates. Once the scanning has been completed successfully, you can also specify the appropriate action to be performed based on the scan results. The Anti-Virus Task can be scheduled on a daily/weekly/monthly basis with options that best caters to the needs of your network. Well, the auto-update process goes a step more and you can actually configure to get notified via email about the task status.

Two keys benefits of employing Desktop Central:

  1. Automation of the definition update process saves administrator time to be utilized for some other attention seeking task.
  2. Streamlines the anti-virus definition update process and keeps a check on associated bandwidth costs.

To keep it simple, Desktop Central takes you one step closer towards securing your network computers from malwares and spywares in addition to the traditional malicious software like Virus, Trojans and Worms.

Supported Applications

  • MS Forefront Client Security Definitions
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