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DeviceExpert는 네트워크 장비의 구성 변경 및 관리 솔루션을 제공합니다.
  • 업무 연속성을 위해 자동화된 구성 백업
  • 실시간 구성 변경 추적 및 관리
  • 정책 / 표준 컴플라이언스를 위한 구성 검사
  • 장비 구성 작업 자동화
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"Ability to create and push network device configurations in automated fashion saves us a great deal of time. DeviceExpert is a very powerful configuration management tool."
- Kevin Spies, LightYear Network Solutions, LLC
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Remote Desktop Sharing Remote Control Video

Desktop Sharing enables the administrators to connect and control remote Windows desktops in the LAN and WAN. Accessing computers at a remote location in WAN can be either through VPN or through Internet. It is a web-based tool enabling access from anywhere in the LAN without requiring any native client. It allows almost all operations to be performed on the remote desktop.

Remote Desktop Sharing

Desktop Sharing Features

  • Access computers in LAN and WAN.
  • Web-based tool enables access from anywhere in the LAN.
  • Automatically installs the desktop-sharing agent in each desktop.
  • No individual authentication is required to gain access to a remote desktop.
  • Supports viewing/accessing remote desktops using Active X and Java Plug-ins.
  • Prompts user confirmation before providing the access to a remote desktop.
  • Supports locking the users keyboard and mouse when accessing from remote. Users screen can also be blacked out so that they are not aware of the changes you make.
  • Ability to send "Cnt+Alt+Del" command to access a locked computer.
  • Ability to switch between users' applications using "Alt+Tab" command.
  • Configurable screen resolution to fit the screen size.

Web-Based Remote Control

Desktop Central provides a web-based access to the remote computers. This means that a remote connection can be established from anywhere and does not require client software to be installed in order to access remote desktops. The administrators can also establish connection through a VPN to take control of a remote desktop.

Protects Users' Privacy

when connecting to remote computers using Remote Desktop Sharing, the adminstrators have an option to whether get user's permission before connecting to their desktop. Selecting this option would pop up a request window in the user's desktop seeking remote access. This is to ensure that the user's privacy is maintained.

ActiveX and Java Viewers

Desktop Central supports accessing a remote desktop either using ActiveX or Java plug-ins. This enables accessing a remote desktop from any browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Flock, etc.

Desktop Sharing - Supported OS Versions

Desktop Sharing supports connecting to desktops running any of the following OS versions:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows Vista

Free Desktop Sharing

The free edition of Desktop Central offers remote desktop sharing functionality, which can be used to manage up to 10 desktop.

For more details on Desktop Sharing, refer to the Desktop Sharing topic of the online help documentation.


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