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Software distribution and update in a large network is always a tedious process which involves lot of administrators' time and resources. Moving around and installing in each and every system reduces their productivity. Remote software installation and automated installation thus become very critical.

Desktop Central has worked very well for us. We use the Software Deployment feature very often to roll out remote software installations to multiple computers. It has saved us a lot of time and effort. The support is outstanding, technicians will quickly diagnose the problem and the few times I required a patch it was available next day. Really GREAT!

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Software Deployment Features

  • Ability to create package repository. The packages created once can be reused any number of times to install or uninstall the software.
  • Supports installing both MSI & EXE based Applications
  • Option to install the application as a specific-user using the "Run As" option.
  • Option to copy the installables to the client computers before installing the software.
  • Supports executing pre-installation scripts/commands prior to installation and abort if not successful.
  • Ability to schedule software deployments.
  • Supports uninstalling MSI & EXE packages
Windows Software Installation

Desktop Central's Windows Installer feature improves the administrator's productivity by supporting remote MSI & EXE software/application deployment. Desktop Central can automatically install MSI & EXE software to users or computers at a scheduled time. Desktop Central supports software installation to users and computers or mass installation to OUs, Domains and Sites.

Creating Software Repository

Desktop Central allows to add software packages before deploying software to the network computers. Separate packages can be added for MSI and EXE based software applications. A software package added in Desktop Central will have the location of the installation files along with the installation and uninstallation commands. A package once added can be used to deploy the software any number of times by just defining a configuration.

Scheduled Software Deployment

Desktop Central allows administrators to schedule a software deployment to users and computers after a specified time. This is very useful in deploying the software after business hours to ensure users/computers are not affected due to this deployment. The network traffic will also be minimum at off hours.

Visibility on Software Installation Status

Desktop Central does not stop with just installing MSI/EXE software in the user machines; it also provides the status of the installation for the administrator to check whether the installation was successful in all the configured systems. The software installation status is made available in the Desktop Central client, which can be accessed from anywhere in the network through a web browser.

Uninstalling MSI- & EXE-Based Software

In addition to installation of Windows software, Desktop Central also provides an ability to uninstall the MSI software applications that have been installed using Desktop Central. The details of the installed software are maintained under the configurations. The administrator can just open the configuration, edit it and choose to remove the software that was previously installed.

For more details, refer to the Windows Installer topic in the online help.

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