네트워크 구성 / 변경 관리 소프트웨어

DeviceExpert는 네트워크 장비의 구성 변경 및 관리 솔루션을 제공합니다.
  • 업무 연속성을 위해 자동화된 구성 백업
  • 실시간 구성 변경 추적 및 관리
  • 정책 / 표준 컴플라이언스를 위한 구성 검사
  • 장비 구성 작업 자동화
성공 사례
"Ability to create and push network device configurations in automated fashion saves us a great deal of time. DeviceExpert is a very powerful configuration management tool."
- Kevin Spies, LightYear Network Solutions, LLC
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Change Management
Change Management Rules & Notification

Monitoring the changes done to the configuration is a crucial function in Configuration Change Management. DeviceExpert provides convenient change management options. Once a configuration change in a device is detected, it is important that notifications are sent to those responsible for change management. DeviceExpert leverages the sylog messages to detect configuration changes in real-time and sends notifications.

DeviceExpert helps in sending notifications in four ways: 

  1. Sending Email
  2. Sending SNMP Traps
  3. Generating trouble Tickets
  4. Rolling back to the previous version or the baseline version

And these notifications can be sent whenever there happens a change in 

  1. Startup or Running Configuration
  2. Startup Configuration alone
  3. Running Configuration alone
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