EventLog Analyzer

EventLog & SysLog 관리 소프트웨어

관리 솔루션:
EventLog Analyzer는 EventLog & SysLog를 관리하기 위한 통합된 관리 소프트웨어입니다.
  • SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA에 대해 미리 구축한(Pre-built) 적합성 보고서
  • EventLog 기반의 얼람과 통지
  • 포렌식(Forensics)을 위한 EventLog Analyzer 서버에서 로그의 보관
  • 엔터프라이즈에서 보안 정책에 도움
성공 사례
"EventLog Analyzer는 매우 쉽게 로그를 분석할 수 있습니다. 우리는 매주 많은 시간을 절약하고 있습니다."- Jin Ho, Cutera Inc. » 더 보기
Windows Event Log & Syslog Collection

Agent less log collection of Windows Event Logs & Syslogs

EventLog Analyzer collects event logs from distributed Windows hosts or syslogs from distributed Linux and UNIX hosts, Switches and Routers (Cisco). Event log reports are generated in real-time to display important system information across the network.

No agents/client software required for log collection

For event log collection, event log analyzer application does not require a separate agent to be installed on each machine from which logs are collected. Rather the agent that collects Windows event log and syslog messages is present as part of the EventLog Analyzer server itself. In this way, event log analyzer application performs event log collections task without introducing additional load on the hosts.

Windows event log and Linux/Unix syslog collection

EventLog Analyzer collects events generated by Windows and UNIX machines without deploying an agent. Setting up EventLog Analyzer to collect and report on events from a server, is a simple process for both Windows and UNIX systems.

Cisco Switches and Routers log collection

EventLog Analyzer collects logs generated by Cisco Switches and Routers. Setting up the Cisco Switches and Routers to send the syslogs to EventLog Analyzer is simple.

Database Filters for logs noise reduction during event log collection

EventLog Analyzer lets you apply event filters on the collected event logs, before storing them in the database. With event filters, you can store only the necessary event logs in the database, making it easier to search for particular events, and optimizing the capacity of the database.

Host Groups

EventLog Analyzer lets you create host groups to collect and report on specific hosts alone. This is useful when tracking event behavior and system performance for a select group of critical servers.

Advanced User Management

Create different users to access event logs and generate reports. While Admin users have access to all features, Guest users will only be able to generate reports and retrieve archived event logs.

Event Log Simulation

EventLog Analyzer includes options to generate reports from simulated event log data. This lets you evaluate the capabilities of EventLog Analyzer as well as the performance of your server before collecting event logs in real time.


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