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Firewall Analyzer - New Features - Version 6

  • Interface based Real-time Bandwidth Reports (Live Reports)
    Firewall Analyzer will monitor each interface of the Firewall device and generate Live reports specific to the interface. This ensures that the bandwidth for each interface is monitored separately. Suppose, if you have one interface each for incoming, outgoing, and DMZ, monitoring each interface bandwidth separately will give you a clear picture of the usage.
  • Rebranding Firewall Analyzer Web Client
    Firewall Analyzer permits rebranding of the web client to suit the requirements of your enterprise. You can change the logo, images, and links. Enterprise can keep riding the advantage of their brand image particularly MSSP/MSP (Managed Security Service Provider / Managed Service Provider).
  • Time Zone Normalization
    If the Firewalls are located around the world in different time zones, their log time stamp need to be normalized to Firewall Analyzer server local time. This eliminates the ambiguity of selecting the time in calendar to view various logs and reports of the devices. One point to be noted is the logs of the Firewalls being monitored should contain the time zone information.
  • Spam Reports
    Spam activity across the Firewalls are monitored and rolled into Spam Report. With these reports, you can track the source and destination of the spam mails. The sender and recipient Email IDs are displayed in the reports. Even the top spam rules triggered in the Firewalls are rolled in to these reports.
  • SMS and SNMP Trap Alert Notifications
    You can get notifications of alerts in your mobile phone as SMS messages. This caters for the Administrators who wants security alerts on the move. Alerts also can be notified through SNMP traps. These can be directed to any Network Monitoring and Asset Monitoring application.
  • Ultra Simple Device / License Management
    Managing / Unmanaging the devices was never so simple. You have an exclusive UI for this. This will be more useful in the distributed set up, where you want the share the number of licensed devices dynamically among your clients/departments.
  • Export / Import of Configuration Data
    You can export the report and alert profile configuration data and can be backed up. The exported data can be imported into the server any time and can be used to generate reports and alerts. You have to just mention the source before using it.
  • 64 Bit Machine Support
    You can harness the full potential of your 64 bit CPU machine with the exclusive 64 Bit Firewall Analyzer installation meant for 64 bit machines. This is available for both flavors: Widows and Linux.
Firewall Analyzer Download
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