Firewall Analyzer

방화벽 로그 분석 소프트웨어

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Firewall Analyzer는 방화벽, 프록시 서버, IDS/IPS 그리고 VPN 장비를 위한 로그 분석 소프트웨어입니다.
  • 누가 대역폭을 언제, 어디서 사용하는지 모니터링
  • 높은 대역폭을 사용하는 사이트를 식별
  • 네트워크에서 보안 위협에 대한 감시
  • 방화벽의 정책 사용을 최소화
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"몇 번의 클릭으로 네트워크에서 나쁜 트래픽을 신속하게 찾을 수 있도록 도와줍니다." - Steve Balon, 통합 네트워크 솔루션 » 더 보기
Firewall Admin Reports & Log Compliance Audits

Meet Regulatory Compliance - Admin Reports and Firewall Log Audits

Firewall Analyzer enables network administrators to meet the regulatory compliance with respect to the network security. It provides Admin Reports, which are pre-built and provides information about user access and commands executed. The raw firewall logs are stored in the database and archived in zip format. The time period of storage / archive is configurable in order to have a control over the storage space. The Admin Reports and Log archive ensures regulatory compliance of network security.

Admin Reports
Firewall Analyzer Compliance Report

Firewall Analyzer provides you with pre-built administration reports in order to get regulatory compliant. The administration reports available are successful logins, successful logoffs, failed logins and the commands executed by the users.

Firewall Log Audit
Firewall Analyzer Retaining Archive for Audit

Firewall Analyzer collects, analyzes, reports, and archives all the supported firewall logs which can prove useful during your network audits for meeting regulatory compliance. To meet your compliance needs logs are stored / archived for years together. Your individual firewall log records stored and using these archived logs, you can carryout historical trend analysis, during audits. You can configure the time period upto which the log files need to be kept in storage / archive.

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