MSP Center Plus

통합된 종합 관리 소프트웨어

MSP Center Plus는 RMM, 헬프데스크, PSA가 통합된 종합 관리 소프트웨어입니다.
성공 사례
"우리는 Kaseya, LPI와 같은 제품을 봤습니다만 더 뛰어난 MSP Center 소프트웨어를 찾았습니다." -Scott Weaver, Schema Networks.
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Security Policies

You can CONTROL your remote desktops using the inbuilt security policies in MSP Center Plus. There are more than 250 different policies available. Security policies can be either applied to the entire system or to select user logins. The most popular security policies are

  • Disable USB drives in all desktops
  • Disable CD-ROM access in select machines

List of security policies supported out-of-the-box

* active desktop
  1. allow only bitmapped wall paper
  2. do not allow html wall paper
  3. disable active desktop
  4. enable active desktop
  5. enable filter in find dialog box
  6. hide ad folder
  7. prohibit changes
  8. remote active directory item from settings menu
  9. remove all desktop items
  10. restrict adding any desktop items
  11. restrict changing wall paper
  12. restrict closing any desktop items
  13. restrict deleting any desktop items
  14. restrict editing any desktop items

* control panel
  1. browse the network to find the printers
  2. disable control panel
  3. hide accessbility options applet
  4. hide add/remove hardware applet
  5. hide add/remove programs applet
  6. hide add/new programs applet
  7. hide add/remove windows components page
  8. hide appearance and themes page
  9. hide changes or remove programs page
  10. hide client services for network applet
  11. hide data sources (odbc) applet
  12. hide date/time applet
  13. hide destkop themes applet
  14. hide display applet
  15. hide games controller applet
  16. hide internet options applet
  17. hide keyboard and mouse applet
  18. hide mail applet
  19. hide network connections applet #1
  20. hide network connections applet#2
  21. hide phone and modem options applet (200+)
  22. hide power options applet
  23. hide regional options applet
  24. hide scanners and cameras applet
  25. hide sounds and multimedia applet
  26. hide system applet
  27. hide users and passwords applet
  28. hide screen saver tab
  29. hide settings tab
  30. password protect the screensaver
  31. prevent addition of printers
  32. prevent changing wall paper
  33. prevent deletion of printers
  34. remove add/remove programs
  35. remove display in control panel
  36. remove support information

* desktop
  1. dont save settings at exit
  2. hide and disable all items on the desktop
  3. hide internet explorer icon on desktop
  4. hide my network places icon in desktop
  5. prevent adding, dragging, dropping, and closing the taskbar tool
  6. prohibit adjusting desktop toolbar
  7. remove my documents icon on the desktop

* explorer
  1. allow only approved shell extensions
  2. do not request alternate credentials
  3. do not rrack shell shortcuts during roaming
  4. hide logoff menu item
  5. hides the manage item on the windows explorer context menu
  6. No computers near me in my network places
  7. no entire network in my network places
  8. remove context menu in shell folders
  9. request credentials for network installations
  10. remove dfs tab
  11. remove file menu from explorer
  12. remove folder options menu item fro the tools menu
  13. remove hardware tab
  14. remove map network drive and disconnect network drive
  15. remove search button from windows explorer
  16. remove shutdown from start menu and task manager
  17. remove UI to change menu animation settings
  18. turn on classic shell

* internet explorer
1. hide advanced option screen
2. hide connections option screen
3. hide content option screen
4. hide favorites menu
5. hide programs options screen
6. hide security options screen
7. hide the general option screen
8. remove context right-click menus
9. remove for netscape uses menu option
10. remove send feedback menu option
11. remove tip of the day menu option
12. remove tour menu option
13. restrict changing accessibility setting
14. restrict changing any advanced setting
15. restrict changing autocomplete clear form
16. restrict changing autocomplete save password form
17. restrict changing automatic check for software updates
18. restrict changing automatic configuration settings
19. restrict changing automatic install of IE components
20. restrict changing cache settings
21. restrict changing calendar and contact settings
22. restrict changing certificate settings
23. restrict changing check if default browser setting
24. restrict changing color settings
25. restrict changing connection settings
26. restrict changing content advisor settings
27. restrict changing font settings
28. restrict changing history settings
29. restrict changing home page settings
30. restrict changing language settings
31. restrict changing link color settings
32. restrict changing messaging settings
33. restrict changing profile assistant settings
34. restrict changing proxy settings
35. restrict changing showing the splash screen
36. restrict closing of browser
37. restrict full screen menu option
38. restrict importing and exporting of favorites
39. restrict on search customization
40. restrict reset web settings feature
41. restrict using find files F3 within browser
42. restrict using internet connection wizard
43. restrict using internet options menu option
44. restrict using new menu option
45. restrict using open in new window menu option
46. restrict using open menu option
47. restrict using save as menu option
48. restrict using save as web page complete format option
49. restrict using save this program to disk option
50. restrict viewing source menu option
* Microsoft management console
1. restrict/permit administrative templates (computer) snap-in
2. restrict/permit administrative templates (users) snap-in
3. restrict/permit computer services snap-in
4. restrict/permit computer management snap-in
5. restrict/permit device management snap-in
6. restrict/permit disk management snap-in
7. restrict/permit disk defragment snap-in
8. restrict/permit event viewer snap-in
9. restrict/permit fax services snapin
10. restrict/permit folder redirection snap-in
11. restrict/permit group policy snap-in
12. restrict/permit group policy tab for ad tool snapin
13. restrict/permit indexing services snapin
14. restrict/permit internet explorer maintenance snapin
15. restrict/permit internet information services snapin
16. restrict/permit local users and grousp snapin
17. restrict/permit performance logs and alerts snapin
18. restrict/permit remote installation services snapin
19. restrict user from entering authoring mode
20. restrict users to the explicity permitted list of snapin
21. restrict/permit scripts (logon/ logoff) snapin
22. restrict/permit scripts (startup/ shutdown) snapin
23. restrict/permit security settings snapin
24. restrict/permit services snapin
25. restrict/permit shared folders snapin
26. restrict/permit software installation (computer) snapin
27. restrict/permit software installation (user) snapin
28. restrict/permit system information snapin
29. restrict/permit system properties snapin
30. restrict/permit telephony snapin
31. restrict/permit WMI control snapin

* network
1. ability to delete all user remote access connection
2. ability to enable/disable lan connections
3. ability to rename lan
4. allow configuration of connection sharing (user)
5. alphanumeric pasword
6. enable access to properties of ras connections available to all uses
7. hide entire network from network neighborhood
8. prohibit access to properties of components of LAN
9. prohibit access to properties of LAN
10. prohibit access to the advanced settings item on the advanced menu
11. prohibit access to the dial-up preferences item on the advanced menu
12. prohibit adding and removing component for a LAN or RA connection
13. prohibit tcp/ip advanced configuration
14. prohibit viewing of status of an active connection
15. remove make available offline
16. sync offline files before logging off

* start menu and taskbar
1. add logoff to the start menu
2. add run in separate memory space check box to ru n dialog box
3. clear history of recently opened documents history on exit
4. do not keep the history of recently opened documents
5. do not use the search based method when resolving shell shortcuts
6. do not use the tracking method when resolving shell shortcuts
7. gray unavailable windows installer programs start menu shortcuts
8. prevent changes to taskbar and start menu settings
9. prohibit user from changing my documents path
10. remove and prevent access to the shutdown command
11. remove common program groups from start menu
12. remove context menu for the task bar
13. remove my documents from start menu
14. remove drag-and-drop context menu on the start menu
15. remove favorites from start menu
16. remove help menu from start menu
17. remove links and access to windows update
18. remove logoff on the start menu
19. remove network connections from start menu
20. remove programs on settings menu
21. remove run from start menu
22. remove search from start menu
23. remove user's folder from the start menu
24. turn off personalized menus
25. turn off user tracking

* system
1. create a new gpo links disabled by default
2. don't display the getting started welcome screen at logon
3. do not process the legacy run list
4. do not proccess the runonce list
5. download missing COM components
6. enforce show policies only
7. hide background page
8. hide device manager page
9. hide hardware profiles page
10. hide remote administration page
11. hide users profiles page
12. prevent access to registry accessing tools
13. restrict changing password
14. restrict using change passwords page
15. restrict using lock workstation
16. restrict using passwords applet in control panel
17. restrict using registry editing tools
18. remove task manager
19. run legacy logon scripts hidden
20. run logoff scripts visible
21. run logon scripts synchronously
22. run logon scripts visible
23. turn off automatic update of ADM files

* Task scheduler
1. hide property pages
2. prohibit browse
3. prohibit drag and drop
4. prohibit new task creation
5. prohibit task deletion
6. prohibit task run or end
7. prohibit advanced menu

* Windows installer
1. always install with elevated privileges
2. disable media sources for any install
3. prohibit rollback
remote desktop management