MSP Center Plus

통합된 종합 관리 소프트웨어

MSP Center Plus는 RMM, 헬프데스크, PSA가 통합된 종합 관리 소프트웨어입니다.
성공 사례
"우리는 Kaseya, LPI와 같은 제품을 봤습니다만 더 뛰어난 MSP Center 소프트웨어를 찾았습니다." -Scott Weaver, Schema Networks.
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Don't waste your efforts Re-inventing the Wheel

One of the greatest worries at the helpdesk is human resource shuffling. Over time, certain resources get accustomed to certain types of issues, gaining expertise. Transfer or non-availability of the resource causes a knowledge block. Junior technicians would then have to waste their time in learning what has already been done.

MSP Center Plus Edition's integrated ticketing module provides a unique Knowledge Base for Junior Technicians, which targets exactly this. As and when a ticket is handled and resolved, the solution can be fed into the knowledge base. Over time, this would act as a complete issue-resolution repository, to be looked into when a similar issue rises in future. The knowledge base is indexed based on keywords, is completely searchable, and easily accessed from the tickets Web UI.

A hypothetical FineNet Managed Services has a senior helpdesk staff, Mr. George, who over time has acquired wide knowledge on say EXCHANGE issues. One day George needs to be transferred to another location due to an emergency requirement. Junior team members have no idea about what George has done and how. When a request arrives for which they do not know the solution to, the only option they have is to search through all of George’s mail and check for a match. With helpdesks receiving over a few hundred requests per day, this task could be extremely laborious at the least, and most often futile. If only there was a way to index and search through George’s past solutions, issues can be resolved efficiently, without wastage of time and effort. This is exactly what MSP Center Plus Edition’s Knowledge Base offers. George can now add his solutions to an issue, either under available topics, or under a new topic as deemed necessary. Moreover, he can also put in exactly which keywords in a search should return this solution.

Any body can now refer to George’s solutions when they search the knowledge base with the appropriate keywords.

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