MSP Center Plus

통합된 종합 관리 소프트웨어

MSP Center Plus는 RMM, 헬프데스크, PSA가 통합된 종합 관리 소프트웨어입니다.
성공 사례
"우리는 Kaseya, LPI와 같은 제품을 봤습니다만 더 뛰어난 MSP Center 소프트웨어를 찾았습니다." -Scott Weaver, Schema Networks.
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One click remote control

The new OpManager Remote Control Add-On enables you to work on your customer servers and desktops right from your office or home. It works over internet and is fast, secure, and smooth.

One click Remote Control

Why think about fixing, when you can avoid it altogether?

The new agent-based remote desktop management module in MSP Center Plus helps you automate, standardize, and control your desktops using templates and policies ensuring them better health and minimal failure. See how you can benefit with those 300 different policies and templates.

Remote control architecture   Remote Control Brochure

Firewall Friendly Architecture

OpManager Remote uses only the common ports used for browsing and hence it doesn't mandate punching a hole in your customer firewall. The remote control gateway, bundled along with the OpManager Central server, enables the required communication tunnel for you to see the remote server.

Secure, Fast, and Smooth.

OpManager encrypts the data between the remote machine and you, ensuring that you don't expose corporate data over the Internet. Moreover, the compression logic and the intelligent screen rendering mechanism ensure that you use fewer resources without sacrificing quality, ensuring a smooth experience.

Install in seconds

OpManager helps you to deploy agents in bulk. From the OpManager central interface select the list of servers/desktops and -> Click install. The agents will be automatically pushed to the remote machines, installed, and started automatically. And in an unlikely event of installation failure, you can manually download-and and install the agent

Be There.

Once the agents are installed you are ready to access the servers remotely. Every device snapshot page would then display a "Remote Control" button for you to click and start a remote session. You may use the Flash viewer, ActiveX viewer, or the Java viewer. You can switch to the full screen view, take control of the server at the click of a button, and be there in real-time supporting your customers.

Be accountable.Track remote sessions

Every time when your technical team remotely connects your customer machines OpManager maintains a record of who, and how long the remote session was established.

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