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MSP Center Plus는 RMM, 헬프데스크, PSA가 통합된 종합 관리 소프트웨어입니다.
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"우리는 Kaseya, LPI와 같은 제품을 봤습니다만 더 뛰어난 MSP Center 소프트웨어를 찾았습니다." -Scott Weaver, Schema Networks.
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Router & WAN Monitoring

Router Monitoring Feature in ManageEngine MSP Center Plus

Why is WAN Monitoring important?

WAN links are usually the most expensive part of the network, and managing bandwidth allocation can be complex. Oversubscribing to bandwidth could mean that the company is paying for more bandwidth than required, and undersubscribing could result in congestion and unacceptable network performance. WAN Monitoring and Router Monitoring thus become very critical. Network managers need to optimize the quality of service by balancing throughput, committed information rate (CIR) and burst rate with congestion, response time, and discards.

WAN Monitoring Challenges

  • Optimizing bandwidth allocation
  • Ensuring high network availability
  • Quick resolution of WAN problems
  • Capacity Planning for future requirements
  • Minimizing recurring costs on WAN links
  • Identifying high traffic/utilization sources

Router Monitoring - WAN Monitoring

MSP Center Plus WAN Monitoring Features

Optimize Bandwidth Allocation - Measure Bandwidth Utilization and Traffic

MSP Center Plus helps you monitor and troubleshoot WAN links for traffic, utilization, errors and Service Level Agreement (SLA) verification. By presenting accurate information on traffic and utilization MSP Center Plus helps you optimize bandwidth allocation.

  • Monitor link utilization and traffic with threshold alerts
  • Identify highly utilized and under-utilized links
  • Get alerted when interfaces start discarding packets

Ensure High Network Availability - Monitor WAN Links Proactively

With MSP Center Plus you can create business views (maps) to graphically visualize your entire WAN. MSP Center Plus can automatically send alerts when a link goes down.

Avoid downtimes by identifying degradations early by proactively monitoring network latency with threshold alerts.

MSP Center Plus’s reporting functionality also provides you with a detailed availability report of all your interfaces. You can use these reports to ensure that your SLAs are being met.

Resolve WAN Problems Quickly - Monitor Router Performance

Optimal router performance is critical for superior WAN performance. When your network experiences congestion, MSP Center Plus helps you quickly resolve problems by providing visibility into critical router performance variables like

  • CPU Utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • Errors and Discards
  • Voltage, Temperature etc
  • Buffer statistics (Hits, misses and failures) Also using MSP Center Plus's custom SNMP monitors, you can monitor several critical performance metrics provided by your router vendor

Identify Traffic Trends - Minimize Current Recurring Costs and Plan Capacity for the Future

MSP Center Plus helps network managers save on monthly recurring costs by identifying underutilized links.

Armed with traffic trend charts and link utilization reports network managers can plan for additional capacity well in advance.

Identify High Traffic, High Utilization Sources

If you are seeing abnormally high traffic / utilization, you can now find out why. Get detailed traffic analysis in MSP Center Plus by integrating it with ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer. Know which users or applications are using your bandwidth and see who the top talkers are.

Need Features? Tell Us

If you want to see additional WAN monitoring features implemented in MSP Center Plus, we would love to hear. Click here to continue

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