MSP Center Plus

통합된 종합 관리 소프트웨어

MSP Center Plus는 RMM, 헬프데스크, PSA가 통합된 종합 관리 소프트웨어입니다.
성공 사례
"우리는 Kaseya, LPI와 같은 제품을 봤습니다만 더 뛰어난 MSP Center 소프트웨어를 찾았습니다." -Scott Weaver, Schema Networks.
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Time entry and expense entry

Most onsite technicians display a trait - lack of interest on paperwork. They are too good at the field and can tackle any technical problem but the very mention of forms, signatures, intime, outtime, time entry, and importantly expense entry makes them dull. Due to this many a times the onsite visits are billed later, say during week ends, with improper billing resulting in revenue loss.

But MSP Center Plus provides a web GUI which can be accessed from anywhere ( assuming you host it on the internet) enabling your technicians to fill the time and expense entry from their home, customer office, hotel, or terminal. They can simply hook up to some wifi spot and finish it off before moving on to the next assignment.


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