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"NetFlow Analyzer는 네트워크 요구사항과 대역폭 사용률에 대한 이해를 돕습니다."- Milan Modi, DHL » 더 보기
Application Performance using NetFlow Analyzer
In this age when more and more applications and services are being delivered across the network, the efficiency of your network defines the productivity of your organization. Applications, such as voice, which are critical for your corporate communication need to be provisioned the highest priority on your network.

A Scenario:

A Network Manager receives complaints of poor voice quality from this client facing staff. This is starting to have a serious impact on the client engagement front due to high levels of latency and jitter.

The Network Manager uses ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer to investigate the root cause of this by looking at the QoS related reports to view the level of service available to his voice application.

He finds that 83 % of the total traffic is comprised of "Best Effort" category, which is highly undesirable. Suspecting that the voice traffic, which forms the bulk of this link's traffic, could be a part of this class, he clicks on the Show Applications link to view the application distribution for this class of service.
As suspected, the bulk of his voice traffic was bein routed using Best Effort, which was causing poor voice quality. He could easily fix this issue by configuring the appropriate class of service for his voice traffic.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer provides an easy way to ensure that appropriate service levels are available for your business critical applications.
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