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NetFlow Analyzer는 대역폭 모니터링 및 보고하는 소프트웨어입니다.
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"NetFlow Analyzer는 네트워크 요구사항과 대역폭 사용률에 대한 이해를 돕습니다."- Milan Modi, DHL » 더 보기
Troubleshooting using NetFlow Analyzer
With businesses getting more and more dependent on their corporate networks, you just can't afford to have any network incidents remain unresolved. You need a tool that helps you reduce network downtime and allows you to analyze the root cause rapidly.


A Network Engineer based in New York headquarters receives complaints from users in Washington that they are experiencing poor network performance. To quickly narrow down the cause of the problem the network engineer uses ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer and looks at the traffic pattern on the Washington link, which tells him that there has been a surge in this link over the last few hours.
He then decides to drill down into the top applications during that time period which caused this surge. Sure enough, he sees an unusually high amount of http traffic for this time of the day on that link
The network manager now clicks on the http application to view the top conversations on it. He finds two rather high conversations, which account for a major portion of the traffic, which caused the surge
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