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Active Directory Monitoring

Active Directory Monitoring
with OpManager - 4 mins
Need for Active Directory Monitoring

Active Directory is the directory service included with Windows servers and provides the means to manage the identities and relationships that make up network environments. Its performance can affect the rest of your system. Seasoned administrators know that it is absolutely important to monitor Active Directory 24 X 7, to detect and resolve potential network problems before they arise, so that your users are not denied access to critical services. Proactive monitoring helps the administrator to retain control of the environment.

OpManager's Active Directory Monitor Benefits
  • Agentless monitoring.
  • Detect Active Directory problems quickly.
  • Pin-point the exact failure.
  • Realtime alerting - proactive response for problems impacting Active Directory service.
  • Minimize Active Directory downtime.
  • Know the health of your Active Directory Server, inside out.
Active Directory Monitor's Features

OpManager's Active Directory Monitor - Features

Monitoring Active Directory Services

Active Directory Monitoring - Monitor Active Directory Services

Active Directory depends on certain critical services for proper operation.The first step in ensuring Active Directory availability is to monitor these critical services.

Active Directory Monitor monitors the following critical services

  • Server Service that enables the computer to connect to other computers on the network based on the SMB protocol.
  • File Replication Service that maintains file synchronization of file directory contents among multiple servers.
  • DNS Client service that resolves and caches DNS names.
  • Security Accounts Manager Service that signals other services that the Security Accounts Manager subsystem is ready to accept requests.
  • Intersite Messaging Service that is used for email-based replication between sites.
  • Kerberos Key Distribution Center Service that enables users to log on to the network using Kerberos version 5 authentication protocol.
  • Net Logon Service that supports pass-through authentication of account logon events for computers in a domain.

When any of these services become unavailable, your Active Directory Server will not be able to perform critical tasks properly.

Active Directory Monitoring - Domain Controller Roles

Domain controller roles perform specific functions in an Active Directory environment. These specialized roles include PDC Emulator, Infrastructure Master, RID Master, Domain Naming Master, and Schema Master. OpManager's Active Directory Monitor does a good job of identifying the roles assigned to the server in the network.

Active Directory Monitor System Performance

Active Directory Monitoring - Monitor Active Directory System Performance

Active Directory Add-on monitors CPU, Memory and Disk Space utilization as well as Processor Queue length using WMI. Operators can get both real-time and historical statistics for CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization. Using customizable thresholds, operators can be notified well in advance and thereby proactively prevent outages before they occur. You can also see the number of processes and services that are active on the system.

Active Directory Monitors

Active Directory Monitoring - Monitor Critical Processes, Counters & AD Store

Active Directory Add-on monitors the usage of critical LSASS & NTFRS processes. Parameters monitored include CPU Usage, Physical RAM, File Reads, File Writes, Cache Hits, etc. You can also monitor critical Network counters like Connected Users, LDAP Client Sessions, & LDAP Bind Time as well as Performance Counters like NTLM Authentication, Kerberos Authentication & LDAP Searches.

Monitor Active Directory

Active Directory Monitor Dashboard

Active Directory Monitor offers an intuitive dashboard which gives you an overall picture of your Active Directory health at-a-glance.


Active Directory Monitor is available as an add-on to OpManager and is available at for unlimited number of Active Directory Servers.

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