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NetFlow monitoring
NetFlow monitoring
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Your job as a network administrator involves not just proactive monitoring of device health & availability, but also post-event troubleshooting of incidents such as DoS attacks, network sluggishness from sudden bandwidth spikes etc.. All the while your mind(and body!) shuttling between places, time zones and management tools - monitoring your devices, troubleshooting network outages, investigating poor application response times, planning on capacity additions etc.. The all new NetFlow Plug-in helps you achieve all this, without going through the infuriating 'shuttling between' experiences so common with multiple management tools.

OpManager's network monitoring capabilities now include in-depth traffic analysis over WAN and LAN. The NetFlow plug-in is available as a separate downloadable file to be installed over OpManager. The plug-in enables, within OpManager, both collection and analysis of various traffic flows such as NetFlow, JFlow, SFlow etc.. You can now drill-down to interface-specific details of network traffic such as applications, source, destination, conversations and QoS. Apart from enhanced network monitoring and troubleshooting with the NetFlow Plug-in, OpManager now also helps make important capacity planning decisions with the months of traffic and bandwidth composition trends gathered.


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