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NetFlow Analyzer Integration

NetFlow Analyzer is an intelligent, diagnostic WAN traffic analysis solution based on Cisco NetFlow technology. With NetFlow Analyzer you can get indepth visibility into your WAN bandwidth usage. When your WAN links experience abnormally high traffic, Netflow Analyzer helps you answer these questions

  • Who are the top users of your bandwidth?
  • Which applications consume the most bandwidth?
  • Where is your traffic flowing to?
  • Should you invest in more bandwidth?
  • Are there any security threats ?
Integrating NetFlow Analyzer


  • Direct drill down from interface traffic details in OpManager into NetFlow Analyzer
  • NetFlow Analyzer toolbar with links to Top Applications, Sources, Destinations and Conversations
  • Single integrated console
Interface Traffic Drill-down details from NetFlow Analyzer

I am already a customer of NetFlow Analyzer. Why do I need OpManager?

OpManager complements NetFlow Analyzer by providing

  • The capability to send Email / SMS alerts when abnormal traffic is detected
  • The ability to monitor your entire infrastructure - viz. routers, servers, firewalls etc so that you can monitor your bandwidth usage in the context of your entire infrastructure.
  • A single integrated console for Network and Systems management

How can I integrate OpManager and NetFlow Analyzer?

If you have the latest versions of OpManager and NetFlow Analyzer, you can integrate OpManager & NetFlow Analyzer, using this integration guide.

Need Features? Tell Us

If you want to see additional NetFlow monitoring features plugged into OpManager, we would love to hear. Click here to continue

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