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OpManager Network Monitor fail-over

You trust your network monitor to keep you in total control of your network every second of the day. Since every single network incident - device sickness, unhealthy bandwidth levels, DoS attacks etc., is immediately brought to your notice, you are in a position to act quickly preventing business-affecting repercussions. What happens when the trusted network monitor is running on a server that crashes or loses network connection? You will want to be alerted on this and also have the situation automatically remedied using a back-up/stand-by of another twin network monitor application installation.

OpManager뭩 new fail-over functionality ensures an always-monitored network environment with the database also having a secondary copy that is ready to be switched to primary mode anytime. Through fail-over, OpManager ensures

  • 100% uptime and uninterrupted Network Management
  • Automatic Data Redundancy for the bundled MySQL database (for MS-SQL you can use the proprietary clustering technique )
  • Instant primary server failure recognition
  • Automated, seamless switching between Primary to Standby Server and vice versa


OpManager Fail-over Architecture





Soon after the configuration settings, OpManager뭩 standby server recognizes the availability of the primary server. During any abnormal termination of the primary server, OpManager automatically switches over to the standby server. The primary server replicates the data at constant intervals to the standby server to ensure complete data redundancy.

When the primary server recovers, the database and current running configurations from the standby server are replicated at the primary server, with the roles being exchanged swiftly. Further, OpManager provides the flexibility to configure the 'Failover Interval'. This functionality helps controlling the swap-over cycle between standby and primary servers.

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