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Simplified Server Management

Server Management with
OpManager - 6 mins
Server Management with OpManager - 6 mins

As an IT manager, a bulk of your worries is escalations related to frequent downtime of customer-facing applications or slow and faulty employee-serving server resources. Adding onto these will be folded-armed Network Managers and Application Managers saying all is well within their 'purviews'. IT Managers will need a server management tool that not just monitors server health 24/7, but also one that provides immediate insights into application-level and network-level availability and performance. OpManager is a powerful server management solution designed for performance & fault management over server infrastructure, providing also critical network and application insight to help IT Managers quickly identify problem spots and keep entire IT up and optimized.

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Customer Recommends

"High availability of systems is critical for us and OpManager provides a superior solution as compared to other tools that I have used in the past. It provides critical fault and performance data from the network and makes my job much easier. It is an easy-to-use and cost-effective product that allows me to quickly navigate through event data, pinpoint specific problems and use that information to take corrective actions."

Venkat Penmetsa,
CustomerSat Inc.
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OpManager automates and simplifies several routine server management tasks - right from monitoring to remotely troubleshooting and resolving of server problems. The following illustration splits server management into easily identifiable activities which OpManager assists in, using highly customizable features:

Complete, in-depth monitoring of server health.

It is not just availability and response time of servers that needs to be monitored over the server infrastructure. Important resource parameters like CPU utilization, disk space, memory utilization, temperature, fan status etc. need to be kept track of to prevent last minute frustrations caused by resource crunches or server crashes. OpManager supports over 200 parameter monitors out-of-the-box: 80+ performance monitors, service monitors, event log monitors, URL monitors and hardware health monitors.

Proactive notifications before failures occur.

Configure thresholds and alerts for every parameter monitored on your servers. Alerts come in the form of emails, text messages to your mobile phones (SMS), web alarms and you can even have a ticket logged into an integrated helpdesk system. OpManager also provides escalation rules for alerts to notify the right people in the organization to handle the right server problem according to their severities.

Alerts and alarms on failures.

Server downtime crops up no matter how best you foresee and act upon warning signals. OpManager keeps you aware of any failure that happens on your servers eg any NIC that's down is immediately logged as a Windows Event which is monitored & sent as an alert. The notification mechanism is built with powerful customization options eg different time windows can be configured for a single alert enabling email alerts to be sent to you during office hours and text message alerts to be sent to your phone while you are not in office.

Remote visibility to server problems

Apart from live maps that show the various performance monitors for individual servers, OpManager also lets you connect to these machines via VNC so that you troubleshoot problem areas remotely. Provisions to add web links and other custom links to each server allow for easy, ready access to these servers.

Diagnostic tests to dig into problems

OpManager provides tests such as Ping and Traceroute to send packets to the troubled servers and check for availability of problem servers. Custom scripts can be configured to perform required actions when thresholds are violated eg stopping of a running service to check if healthy CPU utilization levels are restored.

Solve problems remotely

You can configure alerting profiles to automatically solve problems once they have been identified e.g. restart of a crashed service, restart of a server, automatic triggering of custom scripts on remote problem servers etc

Comprehensive reports

OpManager provides out-of-the-box reports on top N servers having high CPU/disk/memory utilization, free space, incoming and outgoing traffic, traffic utilization etc. Custom reports can be scheduled and emailed automatically to desired administrators and managers for offline analysis.


See more of how OpManager automates and simplifies your server management tasks:


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Case Study

Challenge: To achieve 99.98% availability across 2 data centers with hundreds of servers hosting critical applications that serve students from over 45 countries. Or simply, running an every-hour-is-peak-hour IT business. Read more - OpManager helps online students learn without hassles


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