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URL Monitoring

Don't lose your customers to competition

Face it. In today's Internet economy, you cannot leave your website availability to chance, when your company is spending its marketing dollars on attracting prospective customers to your website. 24 X 7 monitoring of your website for availability and performance is critical to proactively identify website problems, before they escalate into substantial downtime and lost revenue.

URL Monitoring Challenges

Monitoring Solution

OpManager's URL Monitoring Features

URL Monitoring

Monitor URLs, Virtual Hosts and Intranet

OpManager checks URLs to ensure that they are reachable and serving pages which is a more reliable way of monitoring websites, instead of depending on ICMP pings or TCP port checks on port 80. You can monitor all your public websites, as well as your web-based applications running in your Intranet for availability and health. Moreover, OpManager provides you the availability and performance trends of your website also.

URL Monitoring - Content Match - Restore compromised websites immediately

Your website is always prone to attack from hackers and when it is compromised, simply relying on availability checks won't help you. OpManager allows you to monitor a URL and search for a specific text on the page. When the text is missing you can be immediately alerted and you will get to know in real time that our website has been compromised.

URL Monitoring

URL Monitoring - Monitoring a Web Server Farm

When you are running a web server farm, you know that a global URL being available to end customers is not a real indicator of your website health and availability. If a few servers in your web farm are down, customers may start to experience slower website response due to increased load on the remaining servers. OpManager gives you the ability to monitor the same website on several machines so that you can track and fix failures on individual servers even though the website itself is available to end-customers.

URL Monitoring - Monitoring web applications with a Login

Some of your Web applications may require a login ID, Password or some other type of form submission to access a web page. OpManager allows you to specify the request parameters of the form (like login and password) and then check if the page login was successful. This helps you to monitor web applications that require authentication.

URL Monitoring - Know if parts of your application are down

A database failure on your public website can be quite an embarassing failure when users fill up a lot of details and click on submit - only to receive a database error or exception. With OpManager URL monitoring you have a simple solution. Just create a dynamic page which makes a database query and prints a success message. By having OpManager monitor this page and do a content match for the success string, you can rest assured that your database is up and running along with your webpage.

Need Features? Tell Us

If you want to see additional URL monitoring features implemented in OpManager, we would love to hear. Click here to continue

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