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OpStor는 스토리지 자원을 모니터링하기 위해 기업을 돕는 이종간 스토리지 인프라스트럭쳐 모니터링 솔루션입니다.
  • 여러 제조사 스토리지 인프라스트럭쳐 관리
  • 예방적인 장애 및 성능 모니터링
  • 가시적인 SAN 가용성과 건전성
  • 스토리지 장비의 가용률과 사용률 문제 검출
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"OpStor는 서버, HBA's, Swithes 그리고 SAN 등 전체 스토리지 환경을 모니터링합니다." - Bryan Dearlove, - Information Guelph General Hospital » 더 보기

Simplified storage infrastucture monitoring tool

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AdventNet ManageEngine® OpStor is an enterprise-ready, easy-to-use,and affordable storage infrastructure monitoring solution that helps enterprises to monitor their mission-critical storage resources effectively. It enables you to monitor fiber channel switches, Storage Arrays, Tape Libraries, Host Servers and HBAs which form the backbone of enterprise applications.

ManageEngine® OpStor enables Storage Administrators to have a unified view of their heterogenous storage environment through a user-friendly web interface. It helps administrators detect problems early before they affect the business applications. It also help reduce the time to repair through an integrated management solution.

Key Benefits

  • Increased visibility with unified view of your storage environment
  • Reduced downtime with timely detection of problems
  • Saved administrative time with effective reporting and escalations
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership with NO extra software purchases
  • Simplified management at an affordable price.

Unified View

ManageEngine® OpStor gives an integrated view of multi-vendor resources that make up your storage environment. It constantly keeps track of resource availability and performance so that critical business applications that depend on storage infrastructure are not affected. Storage Administrators can view the critical status of storage resources and be notified of any alarms in real time.


Fabric Switch Monitoring

  • Ensure Port availability
  • Monitor Port performance and utilization
  • Monitor zones, VSANs
  • Troubleshoot with real-time graphing
  • Secure telnet tunnelling
Storage Array Monitoring
  • Monitor Physical components - Controllers, ports,drives
  • Monitor logical components - LUNs, Volumes, Storage Groups
  • Monitor health,availability and utilization of resources
  • Monitor sensor faults, battery, Power supply status



Tape Library Monitoring

  • Monitor Physical components - Tape drives,ports,cartridges
  • Monitor logical components - Partitions, Movers
  • Monitor health,availability and utilization of resources
  • Monitor sensor faults, battery, Power supply status
  • Launch device manager application from opstor client

HBA Monitoring

  • Ensure HBA Port availability
  • Monitor HBA Port performance and utilization
  • Monitor traffic on HBAs

Host Server Monitoring

  • Identify SCSI/HBAs mounted on Host servers
  • onitor CPU & Memory utilization
  • Monitor Disk space Utilization & IO statistics
  • Monitor Windows,Linux,Solaris,HP-UX,IBM AIX servers

Notify & Resolve Problems

  • Intelligent alarm correlation and color coded alarms
  • Automatic escalation of critical and unresolved alarms
  • Get notified through e-mail,SMS
  • Take corrective actions by executing custom scripts
  • Acknowledge and add operator notes

Reports & Graphs

  • Reports on storage resource availability & utilization
  • Reports on Key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Top-N reports on Availability & Performance
  • Reports on vendor & location spread
  • Reports on critical alarms and history
  • Real-time graphs at port level to troubleshoot problems


  • Search - To find a device or alarm by specifying a sub-string of the same.
  • Help – To guide the user in case he does not understand how to proceed with a particular operation.
  • Talkback – To file issues, suggestions, or feature requests in OpStor.
  • Export as PDF – To save the reports and other information shown in the client, for future reference.
  • Printer Friendly – To print the reports and other information shown in the client.
  • Sorting – To enable easy grouping of records, all the tables are sort-able on their column headings.

System Requirements

  • Hardware: PIII 800MHz, 512 MB RAM, 100MB disk space
  • Operating System :Windows,Linux
  • Browser :Internet Explorer,Mozilla and Firefox
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