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  • 연결된 모든 포트를 찾기 위한 스위치 포트 맵퍼
  • 네트워크에서 사용하는 IP를 추적하는 IP 주소 매니저
  • 권한이 없는 네트워크 접근을 탐지하는 Rogue 탐지
  • 라우터 / 스위치의 구성 파일 백업
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Network Monitoring Tool

Ensure 24x7 Availability

Network Monitoring - Summary View  

Network Monitor Tool provides the real-time availability status of any network node. It allows adding multiple servers/devices to be monitored continouosly to get the real-time availability status of each of them. It does not stop with just monitoring network devices; it can also be used to monitor any server, website or web application.

Network Monitoring Features

  • Monitor critical servers for availability and response times
  • Sends email to notify anomalies
  • Supports configuring email templates for different alert severities.
  • Maintains alert history

Real-time Network Monitoring

Network Monitor tool provides the current state of the monitored device/website/application. It generates alerts when the response time exceeds a defined threshold limit or when the device does not respond. The administrators have an option to define the threshold limit for each of the monitored devices either individually or globally for all the monitored devices.

Threshold Based Alerting

The administrators can set thresholds for the response times and get alerts and emails when the threshold value is exceeded. Alerts can also be generated when a device do not respond, which can be configured to be informed through email. This helps in quicker isolation of the problem in the network and hence quicker action.

Free Network Monitoring

The Network Monitoring tool can be used to monitor any five devices in the OpUtils Free edition. For more details on tools available in Free edition, refer to Free Network Tools.

For more details on network monitoring tool, refer to the Network Monitor Tool topic in the online help.

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