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SNMP Tools
Trap Receiver  

It is common to have heterogeneous network environment hence the available tools in the OpUtils toolset might not be sufficient to monitor a wider range of devices. In such a scenario the SNMP toolset can be used to monitor such devices. The MIB database has a huge number of both private and standard vendor MIBs. Using tools such as SNMP walker, SNMP Graph and MIB browser one can monitor any SNMP device.

Tools included in this category are:

MIB Viewer – Many a times network engineers are aware of the MIB node (OID name) but not sure of the OID and its properties. In such situations this tool would be of great use. It accepts the node name or the OID as input and provides the complete information on the MIB node including MIB name, parent node name, OID, OID type, status, syntax, access, definition, and the next node. It also provides a snapshot of a given MIB, some general information on the MIB, the defined attributes, total number of nodes, defined TCs, and the defined traps.

SNMP Walker – A utility to retrieve specified number of MIB objects value using SNMP GET-NEXT operation. Using this tool you can provide any OID value and query a device for the next consecutive OIDs.

SNMP Table - A utility to retrieve the data for the specified Table OID from the device. Using this tool you can select any table component of a MIB to view the values.

Trap Receiver – This tool listens for real-time network traps and displays them. The trap details, such as Trap OID, Source, Received Time, Varbind Descriptions, and so on, are shown. The tool can be configured to send an email alert on receipt of a trap.

SNMP Graph – This SNMP tool gathers real-time data and draws a graph for any SNMP IP node. It also provides the MIB node information such as OID, syntax, description and MIB node properties.

MIB Browser – The MIB Browser tool is a utility that enables you to load and browse MIBs and perform SNMP operations. With this tool, you can perform all SNMP-related operations such as GET, GET-NEXT, GET-BULK, and SET. The above SNMP operations can be performed on the specified agent.

Community Checker – The Community Checker tools helps the administrators to identify the read and write SNMP communities of the SNMP-enabled devices in the network. This tools operates based on the standard and popular SNMP Community strings that are stored in the database. The administrator can add or edit the list to include all the community strings of the devices in their network.

For more details on each of the tools, refer to the SNMP Tools section of the online help.

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