Security Manager Plus

네트워크 보안 관리 솔루션

관리자 솔루션:
Security Manager Plus는 네트워크 장비에서 보안에 취약한 점을 탐지하는 보안취약성 스캐너입니다.
  • 네트워크 장비의 Non-intrusive 스캐닝
  • 알려진 보안취약성의 최신 데이터베이스 집중화
  • PCI DSS 적합성에서 미리 구축된 보고서
  • 열린 포트, 하드웨어 / 소프트웨어 검사
성공 사례
"SMP는 우리가 네트워크 보안에서 보안 취약성 관리의 스트림라인을 생성하도록 돕와 줍니다."- Daniel Moesch, Network Engineer,Harris Associates L.P.
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Product Architecture

To understand how Security Manager Plus functions and keeps your network infrastructure secure, you need to know about the various components of Security Manager Plus solution. The primary components of Security Manager Plus (SMP) are :

  • External Vulnerability Aggregator
  • Central Repository Server
  • Security Manager Plus Server
  • Security Manager Plus Agents (optional)

Security Manager Plus Component Architecture

External Vulnerability Aggregator

The External Vulnerability Aggregator resides at the AdventNet site and draws vulnerability information from various security sources - mainly advisories from the CVE, SecurityFocus websites, bulletins from the Microsoft website, and other vendor specific advisories, through E-mail and RSS Feeds.

Vulnerability and Windows patch information consolidation, assessment for information authenticity and testing for functional correctness is also carried out by the Security Manager Plus Enterprise Security Team. The final analysis and data are correlated to obtain a consolidated repository of vulnerability information - a vulnerability database, which serves as a baseline for vulnerability assessment in the enterprise (customer site). The modified vulnerability database is then published to the Central Repository Server for further use. The whole process of information gathering, vulnerability assessment, patch analysis and publishing the latest vulnerability database occurs periodically.

Central Repository Server

The Central Repository Server is a highly secure, comprehensive database of all thoroughly analyzed vulnerability and patch information, residing at the AdventNet site. Any update to the Central Repository Server is automatically detected by the SMP server, situated at the customer site, as it is constantly checking for updates.

Security Manager Plus Server

SMP Server is located at the enterprise (customer site) and subscribes to the Central Repository Server, to periodically download the vulnerability updates. It performs device discovery and assesses/scans the devices in the heterogeneous enterprise network for open ports, vulnerabilities and missing patches against the comprehensive vulnerability database, generates reports to effectively manage the vulnerability assessment process in your enterprise. All these actions can be initiated from a universally accessible, web-console in a few simple clicks.

Security Manager Plus Agents

The Security Manager Plus Agent is a light-weight software that is installed in a target machine. It acts as a worker to carry out the management operations as instructed by the Security Manager Plus server. The agent-based mode of management is an option that you can adopt, based on your enterprise network infrastructure set-up and requirements. It is an optional component that can be employed in target machines that are locked down or behind a firewall (or) to manage systems in present in different, remote geographical locations where a dedicated network tunnel is not feasible. In this case, the SMP agents talk to the SMP server over the internet, send & process information about the scan targets in the remote locations and managed from a central location.


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