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Users Hate Filling Forms, Here′s Why

Users hate filling forms for a simple reason, the request forms are lengthy with lot of fields where users get lost. To get around this most users prefer calling or emailing the helpdesk. Requests coming in through phone and email costs the helpdesk a lot in time and effort. The technicians has to spend time over the phone or fill in the forms on behalf of the requestor. Every helpdesk faces the same challenge of getting all the users to try self-service and getting all the right information filled-in through request forms.

Focused Forms Will Help Users, Pre-fill Default Fields

ServiceDesk plus helps you to easily create different types of custom request forms so that you can reach out to users and collect all the information required for a faster response. Let's take an example, a software installation request will be totally different from New workstation request form. Instead of giving users a lengthy form ,you can present users with a focused, simple, and easy request forms. In most cases the helpdesk undertands priority, impact, level, urgency for a request type, these fields can be pre-filled so that users have to only select the type of request.

Create Request Forms Instantly: Just Drag and Drop Fields on Canvas

ServiceDesk Plus helps you rapidly create and customize forms. You just need to drag and drop fields and specify whether it is a text, numeric or date field. You can move the fields up or down, right or left and choose the exact place it should appear.

To find the Request Form Customizer, go to the Admin tab, in the Helpdesk block, you will find HelpDesk Customizer

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Who Should See the Form: Requesters or Technicians

ServiceDesk Plus helps you present different views to Requesters and technicians. Requesters can be presented with a simple view and technicians will be able to see the same form with all the parameters. It has fine grained control options to view and edit every field based on whether it is a requester or technicians.

Preview, Rollout and ManageRequest Forms

The helpdesk staff can customize and preview request for requesters and technicians roles. The preview enable the helpdesk staff to visualize and improve request forms. Helpdesk Administrators can manage different forms by adding, editing and retiring request forms.

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