ServiceDesk Plus 7.5

ITIL Ready Help Desk Software with Asset Management

- 3분에서 2초로 성능 도전

ServiceDesk Plus는 국가, 시간대 그리고 지역을 통해 비지니스에 의해 넓게 배치됩니다. The challenge was to make ServiceDesk Plus scalable without complicating it. It was important to make sure that scalability to be implemented with the default database, MySQL. ServiceDesk Plus enables you to deliver world class performance with MySQL and MS SQL Server. ServiceDesk Plus is optimized for MySQL. However, we recommend MS SQL Server for high volume and large scale installations.

실제 가상 환경

We created a simulated environment with a help of a few customers' sample data. The idea was to create a scenario exactly as customers with large scale deployments so that we have requests with text and attachments and assets with data. The simulation was configured on a system with the following configuration with more than 5000 requests.

데이터의 열(Row)은 다음과 같습니다.

테이블 데이터의 열
운영체제 윈도우 서버 2003
디스크 공간 5,000
메모리 4 GB
ServiceDesk Plus  
MySQL 빌드 #7020

시뮬레이션은 데이터의 열로 구성됩니다.

테이블 데이터의 열
WorkOrder Table 20000
Notfication Table 78,000
WorkOrder_Threaded Table 5,000

역할 및 운영:

담당 기술자와 요청자
ServiceDesk Plus에 접속할 수 있는 요청자 400
하루에 생성된 요청서의 수 100
ServiceDesk Plus에 접속할 수 있는 담당 기술자 100

To simulate technican's operations we had also simlated random technician frequent actions such as

  • Accessing List View Page
  • Editing Requests
  • Accessing Group View
  • Request Detailed View Page

The simulation was configured with rows of data

Tables Previous Versions Build 7019 Build 7019 after performance pack
Open Requests 170.4 secs 24.2 secs 1.84 secs
OverDue Requests 160 secs 23.6 secs 2.08 secs
Custom View 159.6 secs 25.8 secs 1.96 secs
All Requests 172.2 secs 25.8 secs 1.96 secs
Request Details Page 108 secs 13 secs 4.76 secs
New Request Creation 24.8 secs 16.8 secs 5.28 secs
New Req with Attachment (150 kb) 24.2 secs 17.2 secs 5.4 secs
Edit Request 16.4 16 secs 5.14 secs

Proven Performance for Large scale deployments

With the new focus on performance ServiceDesk Plus can help enterprises to deploy scalable helpdesk easily. The graph clearly shows considerable improvement in ServiceDesk Performance.

Comparison Graph
Help Desk Software
Free Help Desk Software Free Help Desk Software