VoIP QoS 모니터링 소프트웨어

VQManager는 VoIP 품질 모니터링 & 보고하는 소프트웨어입니다.
성공 사례
"우리는 VQManager가 매우 훌륭하다고 생각합니다. VQManager는 업무 환경에서 흠 잘을 때가 없고 대한히 사용하기 편리합니다."
-Julian Fletcher, ConvergenceGroup.
Comprehensive Reporting

It is essential to have a robust reporting tool for VoIP services as one's VoIP deployments and usage grows within the organization. Comprehensive VoIP reports come handy in optimizing present VoIP infrastructure and when making decisions on further VoIP expansions. Reporting needs could vary from End-of-Day call activity reports, Bandwidth usage reports, targeted user's call activity reports, failed calls, bad quality calls etc. VQManager provides detailed automated reports on call activity and call quality information over a varied time period(daily, weekly, monthly) to give useful inputs for an organizations' VoIP capacity planning.

Q) I need reports on top calling endpoints based on duration and number of calls - Not just today's reports but the past week's and month's too.
Q) Can I get a report on which IP phone consumed most bandwidth over the past one month?

VoIP Call reports

Q) I need both CSV and PDF exports of all the reports generated
Q) Which were the unsuccessful calls that happened in the CEO's phone today? Can I have the same report to be sent to me as email every day?

Scheduled Email reporting

Refer to Reports in the VQManager Help document for more on the reporting tasks and profiles provided by VQManager.

VoIP Monitoring