VoIP QoS 모니터링 소프트웨어

VQManager는 VoIP 품질 모니터링 & 보고하는 소프트웨어입니다.
성공 사례
"우리는 VQManager가 매우 훌륭하다고 생각합니다. VQManager는 업무 환경에서 흠 잘을 때가 없고 대한히 사용하기 편리합니다."
-Julian Fletcher, ConvergenceGroup.
CDR Analysis

VQManager can display call statistics and quality information present in Call Detail Records(CDRs). This option provides a simple approach to reporting on geographically isolated VoIP deployments whose traffic cannot be sniffed by VQManager. The product can also be configured to act as Syslog server receiving the CDRs automatically as syslog messages and processing these to show the call details. VQManager supports a wide range of CDRs: Vocal , Cisco CallTracker, Avaya S8700, Asterisk, Cisco CallManager 4.x and 5.x, Cisco CallManager 5.0 CDR/CMR, Shoretel 6.1, Swyx 6.0, Tekelec 5.6 & PortaOne.


VoIP Monitoring