VoIP QoS 모니터링 소프트웨어

VQManager는 VoIP 품질 모니터링 & 보고하는 소프트웨어입니다.
성공 사례
"우리는 VQManager가 매우 훌륭하다고 생각합니다. VQManager는 업무 환경에서 흠 잘을 때가 없고 대한히 사용하기 편리합니다."
-Julian Fletcher, ConvergenceGroup.
Supported Devices

VQManager will monitor, in real-time, VoIP calls made from any device that uses the SIP (RFC 3261), H.323 or Cisco Skinny(SCCP) protocols.

Major VoIP vendors who support these protocols include Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, 3Com, 3CX, Grandstream, Nortel, Verso etc. VQManager also displays call statistics & call quality information contained in Call Detail Records(CDRs).

If you need assistance in checking whether your VoIP traffic can be monitored by VQManager, feel free to contact us at support[at]vqmanager[dot]com.

Some of vendors who support SIP(RFC 3261):
3Com, 3CX, Aricent, Asterisk, ASUS, Avaya, D-link Systems, Elesign, GoldenNet Technology, Grandstream, Hitachi Communications Technologies, MDLsolutions, Microsoft, Micronet Communication, NEC, Nortel, NGC Systems, Planet Technology, Roby Technology, Siemens, SIP Communicator, SJ softphones, Snom, Tandberg, Twinkle softphones, Uniden, Verso, Vocal Technologies, X-Lite softphones.

Some of vendors who support H.323:
Aethra, Alvarion, ASUS, Avaya, Ericcson, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, LG Electronics, Lotus, Lucent, Microsoft, Multi-Tech Systems, NEC, Nortel, OpenH323, Polycom, Quintum, Siemens, SONY, Snom, Tandberg, VCON, Verso, VTEL, Zydacron.

Some of vendors who support Cisco Skinny(SCCP):
Cisco Systems, IPBlue, Symbol Technologies.

VQManager supports the following CDRs:
Vocal, Cisco CallTracker, Asterisk, Cisco CallManager 4.x & 5.x, Cisco CallManager 5.0 CDR/CMR, Shoretel 6.1, Swyx 6.0, Tekelec 5.6, PortaOne.

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